Features of essays

1. The unusual coloration of the individual position of the author on the problem under discussion. This feature allows the not-so-carefully justify the importance of the issue and to develop scientific arguments; will enable you to draw public attention to the problem, which, for example at the moment, is not relevant; when referring to the scientific community, the essay provides an opportunity to expand the circle of specialists, scientists.
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3. The style of the essay is imagery, aphoristic nature, as well as free use of metaphors, analogies.
4. Essays, in a sense, is “a literary synthesis of” similar techniques in other fields of human creativity:
– the problematization of the established point of view;
– training in the solution of some fundamental problems (change of paradigm in science, creating art paintings, training musicians, etc.)
In this sense, the essay is related to such forms of expression as a sketch, diary, short story, essay, confession, speech, writing, notes, word, etc.

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